Baykar's capabilities include all life cycle phases of its systems. It has an organizational and technological structure in all stages after the emergence of the system idea, research and product development, production and after-sales activities.

Our Research and Development capabilities include the complete design and development of UAV systems, aerial platforms and ground components with their subsystems. In addition to that, our activities are carried out according to the relevant military and civilian standards.

The unique software used in our systems is developed by Baykar in accordance with the relevant platform and subsystem.

Among our R & D capabilities

Electronic systems and avionics development
  • RF and microwave system design and analysis
  • Design and analysis of electrical / power systems
  • Communication and power cables design and analysis
  • Mechatronic systems design and analysis
Among our Research & Development capabilities
  • Mechanical systems design and development
  • Aircraft design and optimization based on CAD, structural part design
  • Aircraft and mechanical systems analysis and simulation (aerodynamics, control and stability, structural analysis)
  • Aircraft performance analysis
  • Propulsion, fuel and takeoff systems design and analysis
  • Propulsion systems integration

-    Software development
o    Development of object-oriented software (interface, map and navigation systems, networked and distributed systems, image transfer systems)
o    Development of embedded software
o    Development of artificial intelligence (machine learning, image processing) applications
o    Development of flight control and guidance systems
o    Development of hardware in the loop(HIL) simulation systems
-    Design and development of ground support systems and test equipment
-    Electronic, mechanical and software integration and analysis of payloads (cameras, ammunition, radar, electronic support pods, etc.)

Prototype production, testing and design verification activities are also carried out within the scope of Research and Development activities. 


Designed UAV systems are manufactured with their subsystems and components, integrated and offered to service after passing the detailed testing and quality control stages.
In our production activities, modern machines and equipment are used for high technology production. 3 and 5-axis advanced CNC machines, automatic assembly machines, autoclaves wide enough to produce long parts such as wings, composite furnaces and high precision measuring devices of various sizes are among the important equipment in our production area.


Aluminum, titanium alloy materials, which are used extensively in aviation in our CNC field, can be produced in such a way that they have precise surface and machining tolerance.

Our PCB and avionics production activities are carried out in clean room conditions in accordance with the relevant military and civilian standards.In order to maintain product quality at the military level, our production control processes are supported by suitable equipment such as spectrum and network analyzers, signal generators, high resolution microscopes. 

After-sales service for all our systems offered

  • Payload (EO / IR camera) maintenance and repair activities are offered

  • Technical and operational support

  • Software and technical information updates

  • Testing and calibration services

  • Spare parts supply

  • Maintenance and repair activities under warranty and post-warranty period