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At Baykar, we place quality first in all of our engineering and management activities.
Each of us has this perspective regardless of title or experience. We strive to live by this perspective, summarized as follows:
- Become a globally recognized Corporation that develops and manufactures high technology products
- Execute our engineering activities with due care and diligence, in accordance with state-of-the-art scientific methods
- Prioritize requests and feedbacks from System Users and effectively incorporate them into product development
- Achieve technology and quality superiority with R&D and production-focused project teams rather than a hierarchical and fragmented organization
- Strive for continuous improvement, investing in people and efficiency while being committed to our moral values
- Be honest and reliable in all operations we carry out while meeting System Users’ and regulatory obligations
- Continuously develop ourselves, providing System Users, R&D business partners and suppliers with enduring support and communication