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Hardware Cycle Simulation Systems

Simulation systems are an important part of R & D activities and an essential infrastructure for saving labor and time. The nationally developed flight control systems component tests and development activities are carried out in the Hardware Cycle Simulation System.

With the use of the Hardware Cycle Simulation system, software and hardware tests can be performed in a much shorter time frame and without the safety risks associated with flight tests. Thus, in addition to proving the accuracy and reliability of the developed software, it is ensured that dangerous scenarios to be tested in flight are realized.


Training Simulators

Simulation systems developed for training purposes are used for the training of personnel using the UAV system. The physical models used in the simulation are updated with numerical and experimental data and the best representation of the actual flight conditions is provided.

Trainings that only take place in the classroom environment form the basis in terms of flight and mission, while a number of operational and emergency scenarios and complementary training are provided in simulation systems. Pilot and payload operators are gaining experience for possible situations during operational use with scenarios prepared for them.