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Next Generation Operators

Baykar Payload Operator Training Program, which is designed to train the next generation operators who understand the dynamics of network-based aviation, provides technical expertise to the users.


Baykar Payload Operator Training Program

Baykar Payload Operator Training Program, which is developed for the payload operators to be prepared in advance for all situations they may encounter during their duties, aims to ensure that the users successfully perform their duties with the highest technical skill.


Program Combining Technical Knowledge with Experience

Payload Operator Training Program specially developed by Baykar consists of the following modules:
Introduction of gimbal camera hardware
•    Technical course in which the task-terms are taught
•    Simulator application
•    Drill videos
•    Effective map usage and image evaluation
•    Problem and malfunction prevention information
•    Training flights
Participating operators complete the program by gaining real mission experience with the help of test flights realized within the scope of the training.